Karen Hanover Charities

Karen Hanover charities include a diverse array of causes including animal charities, environmental causes and senior citizen charities.  While there are many causes important to Hanover, these 3 are near and dear to her heart.

Karen Hanover Supports Animals

“Have you ever watched something on the news and literally broken down crying?  I have.  When I watch animals dragged from cars or used as target practice or when I see them lost and lonely, tears literally well up in my eyes.  Few atrocities get me as worked up as animal abuse and animal cruelty including animal homelessness.  And that is why I support animal charities.” says Hanover.

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Karen Hanover Supports Our Environment

“Whether you believe in global warming or not, we should all err on the side of caution and be good stewards of our environment.” says Hanover.  “The Earth’s resources are finite and once they’re consumed, they’re gone forever.  Have you ever thought of how much plastic we use in stupid things like bottle tops?  Have you ever wondered what would happen to humanity if our fresh water reserves ran dry and drought prevailed?  Have you ever considered how long it takes trees in our rain forests to grow as you’re throwing out that wasted paper or looking for your next mega-mansion?  Well, these are things which weigh upon me heavily on a daily basis.”

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Karen Hanover Supports Senior Citizens

“As both I and my parents age, I am realizing just how helpless we all become as we grow older.  Our cognitive functions fade as do our physical abilities.  Americans live in a society where many seniors are forgotten and disregarded.  Remember, we will ALL be there someday.” says Hanover.  “I first started realizing this problem when I took my mom to the local senior center to socialize.  The centers offers a free meal to seniors.  I observed many sneaking food into containers to take home for later.  Many told me they live alone and are hungry, scared, alone, bored and broke.  Imagine living your whole life having a great career, kids and a busy life.  Now you’re alone and scared.  This is no way to live.”

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