Karen Hanover endorses Greenpeace because Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

Why Karen Hanover Endorses Greenpeace

Greenpeace is the largest independent, direct action environmental organization in the world. They’re powered by people like you.

They defend the natural world and promote peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, championing environmentally responsible solutions, and advocating for the rights and well-being of all people.

They take action only where we and our supporters can make the biggest impact, where people’s lives are most affected, and where environmental risks are most dire.

The problems we’re tackling are big. It takes a huge effort, made possible by people all over the world. That’s where you come in. Karen Hanover endorses Greenpeace because their movement is inclusive, people-powered, and collective, with people like you at the center. They care just as much about big political and corporate changes as we do about empowering people to act in their homes and communities.

Empowerment goes both ways. The weight and resources that they’re able to devote to pushing for a greener and more peaceful world is only made possible because of the courage, heart and collective power of people like you.

Karen Hanover endorses Greenpeace because Greenpeace is the largest independent, direct action environmental organization in the world.

Karen Hanover Endorses Greenpeace Campaigns

Saving the Arctic

The Arctic is one of the most unique places on Earth. It spans eight countries, is home to more than 13 million people and provides a habitat for some of the most incredible wildlife on Earth. And now, it’s the battleground for what could be the most important fight in environmental history.

Protecting Forests

Forests are crucial for the health and well-being of people, wildlife and our planet. They’re home to roughly two-thirds of all land-dwelling plant and animal species, critical lifelines for communities big and small, and one of the last lines of defense against catastrophic climate change.

Fighting Global Warming

The devastating impacts of climate change are clear. Our world is warmer than ever before, and people and wildlife are already suffering the consequences. But that’s nothing compared to what we’re leaving future generations if these trends continue. It’s time to stop the destruction. It’s time for an energy [r]evolution.

Protecting Our Oceans

Healthy oceans are the life support system for our planet, providing 97 percent of the Earth’s livable habitat and a home to more than 700,000 species. The oceans are vital to human health as well, providing jobs, enjoyment and food to billions of people. Half of the oxygen we breathe is generated by our oceans.

Living Toxic-Free

We all deserve to live our lives free of the harmful impacts of toxic chemicals. Whether by pushing for safer chemical plants or detoxing the clothing we wear every day, we’re working towards a toxic-free future for all.

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture should work with our natural environment, not against it. We all deserve food that’s nutritious, delicious, and healthy—both for people and the planet. That’s not the reality we live in today, but it can be.

Defending Democracy

Democracy is the best tool we have to protect the environment, but it has to work properly. Corporate influence in American politics is getting in the way of progress. These corporations are getting what they want because they’re working together. The question is, can we?


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